Mother Mary

What do you all do with your days?

No, seriously
I want to know.

Me, I just seem
to let the minutes fade
& watch as the years run fierce
& true like mercury through
fingers destroyed in the process…

…through such space
& so much time
left to waste.

 here I am again
letting the rain
wash over my face…

What do you all do with your days?

Me, I wait
until the sunlight begins to fade
& then,
with alcohol, chemicals & weed
in place of rosary beads,
I begin my sinful prayer,
which goes like this:

“Hail, Mary,
full of grace,
let us talk
& fuck the night away;

because I need
animal reprieve
from the shadows
no eyes can see.”

& mostly she comes
(tho I must admit that,
despite my best efforts,
sometimes she doesn’t)

but Mother Mary
never stays with me.

she is not mine to keep.

She belongs to no one,
& there are lonely demons
haunting her dreams
just as they do to me.

I’m gonna smoke
yet another cigarette



in the rain,

& hope that this time
the water will wash me clean.


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