“the limitless duration of that which existed”*

I remember
the taste of your insides,
the feel of your skin & the sunshine
dancing across mine

& I remember
how we held hands as we lay down & thought
about nothing but right then,
about right now

where there is blue,
& there is green all around
& there are strange sounds
flowing from our mouths

as we try to speak about
the creatures of our dreams,
try to tell each other how it feels
as we slip through the stream…

did you mean to say more that day?

Well never mind,
language is part guesswork anyway
& meaning is made from the strange non-substance
of the spaces in-between.

Did I mean to say more?

Well, of course, but really
who cares?

When right now,
right then,
for one

we were alive
together in the light.

* ‘Oblivion Seekers’ – Isabelle Eberhardt


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