“press yourself against whatever you find to be beautiful and trembling with life”*

Deluded, denuded & tired…

Un coeur pourrissant

Dreaming of You*

I don’t know, do you?

She speaks French to me #2

Speaking in songs

She speaks French to me…


Wildflower in an Indian Summer

The Winter

A Moment

“the limitless duration of that which existed”

Mother Mary

On the Radio

Anny says that “there are no more perfect moments”* but on my Good Days I still refuse to believe her.


“That’s how we deal with boys like me”*


Please pretend that you understand.

Empty Today.

A dream I think I once had

…I used to sit smoking on the windowsill of your bedroom window, not knowing anything…

The City at Night

The Moon


“…a greater weight in the region of her heart.”*